Dr. Stuart and Dr. Chaffoo standing in front of black and gold background
Dr. Chaffoo standing with Dr. Stuart in front of black and gold background

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  1. Man looking in the mirror at his hair in a bathrobe

    NeoGraft Hair Restoration

    STEP 1. DONOR HAIR REMOVALThe procedure is simple. First, NeoGraft® works by removing hair from the donor area in the back of your head where your hair is genetically programmed to resist testosterone. This is known as your donor hair. STEP 2. FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTIONThen, we extract each graft with the same consistency in diameter and length…. Read More

  2. Magazine cover with Dr. Chaffoo titled "These Doctors Are Among The Best Plastic Surgeons In America"

    What is the Difference Between a Plastic Surgeon and a Cosmetic Surgeon?

    The difference between a plastic surgeon and cosmetic surgeon can be summed up in one word: HUGE. Many people mistakenly think there is no difference. And how would the unsuspecting public know otherwise?  Both types of doctors went to medical school and are licensed to practice medicine. Both often have beautiful websites and attractive offices… Read More

  3. Close up of a man's hairline

    The Advantages NeoGraft® Hair Transplant

    Considering hair restoration at California Hair MD? Good call, you cannot ask for better hair treatment than from Dr. Chaffoo himself. As you deliberate on which type of treatment to choose, you might wonder what makes NeoGraft® different from the rest. What are its advantages? The Basics of NeoGraft® Hair Transplant NeoGraft® is the pioneering minimally… Read More

  4. Patient in the middle of an ARTAS treatment

    State of the Art Hair Restoration Treatment: The Artas i-X®

    California Hair MD prides itself on being at the forefront of hair restoration technology. As such,  we offer hair restoration procedures with robotic precision with our state of the art Artas i-X® Hair Transplant technology. Cutting Edge Hair Restoration Technological advances have led to minimally invasive hair restoration treatments that achieve substantial results with less downtime and… Read More

  5. October 2019 cover page of San Diego Magazine


    San Diego Magazine’s October issue includes the annual list of the city’s best physicians. This year’s list includes 776 doctors across 90 specialties. Also in the issue: fall travel destinations that are up the coast, across the border, and around the mountains. And for fun…take the “How San Diego Are You?” quiz; 78 questions to… Read More

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    Hair restoration is traditionally used to treat male pattern baldness. It’s possible to recreate a frontal hairline and correct hair loss in the crown region with the latest technology using the Neograft system. This system is an FUE (follicular unit extraction) method which removes individual follicular units from the back and sides of the head… Read More

  7. Graphic with instituions affiliated with Dr. Chaffoo


    IT CAN BE OVERWHELMING FOR THE PROSPECTIVE PATIENT WITH HAIR LOSS TO FIND A REPUTABLE CLINIC TO PERFORM HAIR TRANSPLANT SURGERY. THERE IS A LOT OF INFORMATION AS WELL AS MISINFORMATION on the internet regarding hair surgery clinics but little objective data exists to assist the public in choosing a hair replacement practice. What should… Read More