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For those who struggle with hair loss, there is now an award-winning system for hair restoration, giving men and women a way to grow new hair by using transplants of their own hair. Thankfully, there are now practical and straightforward devices that make hair transplants easy and fast for the patient and the doctors who complete them.

Today’s hair grafting technology has revolutionized previous hair transplant methods such as the strip method or FUT. Doctors can quickly access a large number of transplanted grafts in every session because the grafts are obtained from the entire donor area and not a concentrated area as is the case with the strip method. . The results are permanent, and the recover process is much easier and shorter  than older methods of hair grafting.

The SmartGraft tool will remove the micro-grafts on the donor locations after your implant regions are numbed with anesthetic. The procedure may take more time depending on the number of grafts needed.

If you’re local to Southern CA, the hair restoration experts at California Hair, MD can complete the SmartGraft for you! Schedule your consultation at their La JollaNewport BeachSan Diego, or Beverly Hills, CA locations to determine the specifics of your procedure. To learn more about hair restoration with SmartGraft, read on!

The SmartGraft Process

You will work with your provider to determine the areas for the procedure. Both implant and donor locations will be identified, and you’ll receive additional instructions as to whether you’ll need to shave your hair. Your provider will review the health of your scalp to determine various procedural specifics.

The process takes around 5 hours, so it’s best to plan your appointment for the morning. You may be given a sedative to relax during the process. If you are given a sedative, you’ll need someone you trust to drive you home as you won’t be fit to drive yourself.

Ideal Candidates

Most people struggling with hair loss are candidates for SmartGraft. If your expectations are realistic, you’re inclined to inquire about SmartGraft. This procedure avoids a long linear scar as seen from a strip procedure allowing many patients to wear a shorter hair style. If you’re unsure if SmartGraft is suitable for you, reach out to the experts at California Hair MD to see if you’re a match for this method.


Patients benefit from minimally invasive procedures, little to no discomfort, and no linear  scarring in the harvesting location. With the procedure being so quick and with minimal pain afterwards, the recovery time is faster. Since there is little scarring or stitching, patients can often get short haircuts after the procedure for natural-looking results!

The Smart Graft device was designed by a group of engineers who originally developed Neograft and as has many similarities and one does not have significant advantages over the other.


If you’re ready for natural-looking results, reach out to the experts at one of the California Hair MD locations to schedule your consultation. Contact the team to learn more about the processes you can choose to resolve your hair loss with SmartGraft at California Hair MD.