The Next Big Thing; Hair Restoration

Every 5-10 years there seems to be a new treatment that is sweeping the aesthetics industry (think CoolSculpting about 10 years ago, or the rapid rise of HydraFacial). Right now, the next big thing is forecast to be hair restoration. Technology has come far and the days of unnatural looking […]

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Choosing a Hair Transplant Method—Which One is Right for You?

hair transplant man

Determining which hair transplant procedure is right for you will require one or two consultations with your hair restoration provider. Your health history and the health and state of your scalp will be assessed to determine which options are possible for your hair loss treatment needs. The experts at California […]

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Choosing the Best Hair Restoration Procedure for You

Although supplements and medication may improve some hair loss cases, they can only do so much, especially if the hair loss is significant. For individuals struggling with hair loss, the most effective methods for hair restoration are surgical options. Surgical hair transplants are the most reliable way to restore one’s […]

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Am I a Good Candidate for Hair Transplantation Surgery?

Hair transplantation is one of the most effective procedures for restoring a youthful hairline and a fuller head of hair. California Hair MD is a nationally recognized hair transplant superspecialist. Our duo of board-certified physicians (a dermatologist and triple board-certified plastic surgeon) work together to bring patients the latest advancements […]

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How Common Is Hair Loss, and What Can You Do to Treat It?

Odds are, you’re going to lose your hair. Some degree of hair loss happens to most of us eventually. Approximately 20% of men have noticeable hair loss in their 20s. This percentage increases to almost 70% of men experiencing hair loss in their 60s. Women lose hair, too. More than […]

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NeoGraft Hair Restoration

STEP 1. DONOR HAIR REMOVALThe procedure is simple. First, NeoGraft® works by removing hair from the donor area in the back of your head where your hair is genetically programmed to resist testosterone. This is known as your donor hair. STEP 2. FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTIONThen, we extract each graft with the same […]

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State of the Art Hair Restoration with Artas and Neograft

Technological advances have led to minimally invasive hair restoration treatments that achieve substantial results with less downtime and recovery. California Hair MD is proud to utilize these cutting edge procedures to provide our patients with the quality of treatment and outcomes they deserve. These treatments include NeoGraft® automated FUE hair transplant and Artas i-X® […]

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Reverse Androgenic Alopecia with Follicular Unit Excision

Couple with full hair

Put your hair worries to rest. California Hair MD offers the best solutions for alopecia, also known as male or female pattern baldness. Dr. Richard Chaffoo provides follicular unit excision, also known as follicular unit extraction – FUE – utilizing the latest technology currently available in hair restoration, allowing the team to choose the […]

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Explaining Post-Operative Care After Hair Restoration Treatment

California Hair MD provides hair transplant services using cutting edge technology wielded by pioneering hair restoration specialist Dr. Richard Chaffoo and his team of experts. This is often to address androgenic alopecia, a common form of hair loss. After the hair restoration treatment, patients will undergo post-operative care to ensure […]

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Why Do So Many Hair Practices Still Offer FUT (Strip Surgery)?

female hair patient

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) is the oldest method of harvesting hair follicles from the scalp to correct alopecia or baldness. The birth of FUT dates back to the early days of hair restoration surgery of the 1960’s and hasn’t changed significantly since that time. In those historic times, the only technology which […]

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