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NeoGraft is a hair transplantation device that harvests and implants hair follicles to remedy hair loss. This semi-automated system allows the surgeon to perform FUE (follicular unit extraction) procedures with more precision and less patient discomfort.

California Hair MD is a highly respected hair restoration facility founded by two renowned physicians. America’s first triple board-certified hair transplant plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Chaffoo and Dr. Susan Stuart, a board-certified dermatologist, work together to provide comprehensive hair restoration for patients in Newport Beach and other parts of Southern California. 

To take the first step towards restoring thinning hair and renewing your confidence, schedule a private consultation with Dr. Chaffoo by calling our Newport Beach location at (800) 373-4773. You may also fill out our contact form and a member of our team will get back quickly.

What is Follicular Unit Extraction?

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a method of hair restoration that involves harvesting individual follicular units (FU) from a donor area – usually another part of the scalp – and carefully placing them in thinning areas to promote hair regrowth. In traditional FUE procedures, surgeons use small punches to remove donor FUs, then extract them the rest of the way using forceps. 

How NeoGraft Works

NeoGraft allows surgeons to harvest and implant hair follicles without touching them with forceps. (1) This keeps the follicles in a stronger state than traditional FUE methods. The computer-assisted technology allows Dr. Chaffoo to perform the transplant with fewer steps and in shorter durations.

The NeoGraft device extracts the follicular units by punching the skin, then implementing a medical vacuuming system to suction them out. The motorized punching can be more precise than manual, and the FUs that are removed are safely stored in the NeoGraft device. This removes the need to handle the units and keeps them in a pristine state.

The FUs are then preserved in a saline solution and often separated by a surgical assistant in order to be transplanted. They are graded on a scale that determines the likelihood of healthy regrowth (viability). He then fills these with the healthy FUs harvested from the donor area. (2)

While the NeoGraft device theoretically has the ability to simultaneously create the recipient incision and place the new follicular unit, Dr. Chaffoo and most surgeons prefer making the recipient sites by hand and then gently inserting the follicles as this is a faster and more accurate method.. (3)

The process is lengthy and intricate but is highly successful if performed by an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Chaffoo. With NeoGraft technology, the process is semi-automated, making for a more comfortable and effective procedure and allowing him the flexibility to extract even more healthy follicular units than would be possible when performed manually.

Dr. Chaffoo specializes in hair transplantation surgeries, and NoeGraft devices are just one of the many devices he uses to perform them. To learn more about hair restoration methods, follow our blog to read on.

Benefits of NeoGraft in Newport Beach

For those experiencing hair loss and thinning, NeoGraft procedures are:

  • Less Invasive: Compared to FUT (follicular unit transplantation), FUE does not require extracting a strip of healthy hair-bearing scalp for donation.
  • Minimal Scarring: Without the use of the strip method mentioned above, NeoGraft causes minimal scarring and avoids a linear scar as seen in FUT surgery
  • Reduced Follicle Trauma: The system allows for less direct contact with FUs, improving their survival rate.
  • Fewer Complications: NeoGraft procedures don’t require the use of stitches, and the system can reduce the risk of human error.

Hair transplantation using NeoGraft can increase a patient’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Often only requiring one procedure, this method can give patients a full, healthy hairline with minimal discomfort.

Ideal Candidates

To receive a hair transplant using NeoGraft, candidates must be in good overall health with no medical conditions that will affect their surgery or their ability to heal. You must have stable hair loss and understand the need for continuous medical therapy to reduce further hair loss in the future. This procedure is highly effective for patients with androgenetic alopecia (patterned hair loss) which can present in both men and women at many ages. 

Patients with hair loss along the frontal hairline or crown are great candidates for NeoGraft hair transplantation as long as they have adequate density in the donor region. Ideal candidates should also be non-smokers, or willing to quit for the duration of their preparation and recovery, and must have reasonable expectations about their potential results. 

Personal Consultation

At our Newport Beach location, Dr. Chaffoo will meet with you personally for your initial consultation at California Hair MD. To assess your candidacy, he will perform a thorough examination of your scalp to make sure it is healthy enough for the donation process. He will ask you to provide your medical history, which should include any past procedures and health conditions that could affect the hair transplantation process. 

Dr. Chaffoo will explain the entire procedure in great detail to ensure you are prepared for your hair transplant. At the end of this meeting, a member of our team will assist you in scheduling your NeoGraft procedure at a time that works best for you. For all other pre-and-post procedure information, Dr. Chaffoo provides detailed instructions during this consultation which you can refer to leading up to your procedure.


NeoGraft is an outpatient procedure, and we recommend that a trusted friend or family member drive you home afterward. If you are a smoker, you must quit all tobacco and nicotine products for at least six weeks before and after your scheduled surgery. You must also refrain from using anti-inflammatory medications such as aspirin and ibuprofen as they thin your blood. 

Dr. Chaffoo recommends you grow your hair out before the procedure. At the time of the Neograft procedure, he and his team will determine what areas of the scalp need to be shaved before starting the case.

NeoGraft Procedure Steps

After we have prepped and sterilized the donor area, Dr. Chaffoo will apply local anesthesia to numb the area and keep you comfortable. You may feel slight pressure in the treatment areas as the surgery progresses, but there will be minimal discomfort. 

The NeoGraft device extracts the donor hair with the expert guidance of Dr. Chaffoo. He typically extracts follicular units from the areas in which your hair is at its thickest. After the healthy FUs are harvested, they are kept safe in a special container connected to the NeoGraft machine. 

Once the follicles are ready for transplantation, the recipient area is prepped and the small openings in the scalp are created followed by the insertion of the follicular units. Depending on the size of the recipient area, the entire procedure typically takes anywhere from 4 to 8 hours. A light surgical dressing is applied to the donor area overnight. 

Recovery & Results

Using the NeoGraft device allows Dr. Chaffoo to control the depth of each incision, making the recovery process much quicker when compared to traditional hair transplantation surgery. Within the first few hours after your procedure, your scalp will start to scab. This reassures you that it has started to heal, and it is important that you do not disturb this process as this can cause infection. After around two weeks, these scabs will fall off. 

Dr. Chaffoo requires you to not wash your scalp for the first 24 hours after your surgery. As your scalp heals, the transplanted hairs will fall out around the 2 or 3-week mark. Try not to worry, this is normal “shock loss” and the healthy hairs should grow in from the new follicles after some time. This can cause some patients’ hairline to remain thin for 3 to 6 postoperative months. Your full results will be visible after about a year

Cost of NeoGraft Hair Restoration in Newport Beach, CA

Every NeoGraft hair restoration treatment plan caters to the individual patient. To acquire a full price breakdown, schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Chaffoo today. Contact California Hair MD in Newport Beach directly by calling (800) 373-4773, or fill out our contact form to start your hair restoration journey today.


How long do hair restoration results last?

Hair that is successfully transplanted will continue to grow forever. It cannot be affected by pattern balding because there is a new healthy hair follicle in place of the previous one. Your results should last a lifetime.

Can I receive a hair transplant as a woman? 

Of course! As long as you have visible hair loss or pattern balding, you can qualify for a hair transplant. Your scalp must be healthy and you must also have enough healthy hair follicles for donation. 


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