The Advantages NeoGraft® Hair Transplant

Considering hair restoration at California Hair MD? Good call, you cannot ask for better hair treatment than from Dr. Chaffoo himself. As you deliberate on which type of treatment to choose, you might wonder what makes NeoGraft® different from the rest. What are its advantages?

The Basics of NeoGraft® Hair Transplant

NeoGraft® is the pioneering minimally invasive and automated hair replacement method that helps more hair follicles survive the transplant process without leaving any linear scars.

It eliminates the lengthy procedure which made the manual method so undesirable. In the traditional approach where scalpels remove a strip of graft and the hair follicles would be handled with forceps. But in NeoGraft® the follicles are removed using a motorized punch and pneumatic pressure. Each hair follicle is extracted directly from the scalp without disturbing surrounding tissues, nerves or blood vessels.

Donor hair grafts are then implanted in a way much like FUE but using reverse pneumatic pressure. This “No Touch” technique lowers hair follicle damage rate because they remain moist and robust even while extracted since the system uses a collection canister to house hair follicles, which separates and mists them regularly, ensuring that more survive the process.

In short, California Hair MD offers the next level of hair restoration with NeoGraft®, enabling patients to take advantage of the benefits of modern hair transplant technology. These benefits include:

  • Minimize damage to hair follicles
  • More successfully transplanted follicles
  • More hair volume
  • More precise graft placement
  • Decreased nerve and blood vessel damage
  • Quicker recovery

Interested in hair restoration using NeoGraft®?

Reach out to California Hair MD. We meet the needs of patients in the La Jolla, Newport Beach and San Diego areas.

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