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NeoGraft® revolutionized hair restoration in California. Previous hair transplant methods such as the strip method require invasive surgery, IV sedation and extended recovery period, and leave noticeable linear scars across the scalp. On the other hand, manual Follicle Unit Extraction (FUE) can produce more efficient outcomes than the strip method but requires a longer operation. At California Hair MD, Dr. Chaffoo offers NeoGraft®, an automated FUE hair transplant method that eliminates the disadvantages of manual FUE while improving on several aspects of the strip method.


ARTAS i-X® Robotic

Technological advances have led to minimally invasive hair restoration treatments that achieve substantial results with less downtime and recovery. Artas i-X® Hair Transplant is a robotic hair restoration treatment that selects the healthiest hair follicles for transplantation and removes the individual follicles without damaging surrounding hairs. Patients going through Artas i-X® Hair Transplant avoid lengthy incisions, stitches and linear scarring that come with past hair restoration techniques.

In the traditional strip method, a strip of scalp is removed from the back of the head, which requires sutures and results in a long and primitive scar. The hair follicles are then removed with forceps while under a microscope, which increases the chance of harming the follicles. Recovery from strip method hair restoration is typically a month or more, though the procedure itself is relatively short. In the manual FUE method – the other traditional hair restoration technique – there is a higher follicle survival rate and lower recovery time, but it is a much longer and more deliberate procedure than the strip method.

Thanks to NeoGraft® and Artas technologies, California Hair MD now offers minimal invasive hair restoration combining the effectiveness of FUE and the speed of the strip method with none of the disadvantages of either hair restoration approaches.

These advances in hair restoration technology have resulted in drastic improvements in all stages of the hair restoration process; technique, safety, convenience, and results. Automated FUE method is minimally invasive and does not require IV sedation. Moreover, in the procedure no lateral incision, sutures or stitches are used. So this results in hair restoration with no linear scars. NeoGraft® uses a “touch free” system that separates and mists follicles regularly during extraction and while waiting to be implanted, ensuring that more follicles survive the process. With low level light therapy, follicles are stimulated to produce hair growth more efficiently and achieve a higher rate and percentage than traditional hair restoration techniques.* 

Realize the growing potential of each follicle with Artas and NeoGraft®’s automated FUE minimally invasive hair restoration at California Hair MD.