Dr. Stuart and Dr. Chaffoo standing in front of black and gold background
Dr. Chaffoo standing with Dr. Stuart in front of black and gold background

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration

Beverly Hills Hair Restoration Center

Highly recommend. Dr. Chaffoo and the office staff were very friendly and accommodating. They answered all my questions (I had many), and called me after my procedure to check on me. Dr. Chaffoo gave me his cell phone number and said I could text any time with concerns or questions. He answered my texts immediately, even on the weekend, which really helped put my worrying mind at ease. Not only is Dr. Chaffoo highly qualified (triple board certified!!!), he is also extremely kind and really cares for his patients."

The Ultimate Guide to Restoring Your Hairline

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Hair Loss Solutions: The Ultimate Guide To Restoring Your Hairline by Dr. Richard Chaffoo