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Artas i-X® Hair Transplant is revolutionizing the hair restoration treatment in California, around the country, and around the world. Previously, hair transplant patients had to rely on lengthy procedures involving stitches and linear scarring. Known as the linear strip method, this technique removes an entire section of scalp in order to transplant your hair follicles. Now Artas i-X® bypasses that entirely and California Hair MD offers this groundbreaking hair restoration method to its patients.

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Technological advances have led to minimally invasive hair restoration treatments that achieve substantial results with less downtime and recovery. Artas i-X® Hair Transplant is a robotic hair restoration treatment that selects the healthiest hair follicles for transplantation and removes the individual follicles without damaging surrounding hairs. Patients going through Artas i-X® Hair Transplant avoid lengthy incisions, stitches and linear scarring that come with past hair restoration techniques.

California Hair MD doctors  offer advanced hair transplant technologies to promote natural hair growth and achieve a fuller hairline. Our hair restoration experts can determine which hair transplant techniques are right for you during your consultation.

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Approximately 65% of American men will notice some degree of hair thinning by the age of 35 and almost 85% of men experience significant hair loss by the age of 50. While there are numerous causes of balding, from health to environmental factors, most male hair loss cases are due to Androgenic Alopecia or male pattern baldness. Meaning that male hair follicles are predisposed to be sensitive to the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and as levels of DHT increase with age, hair increasingly thins, deteriorates and eventually falls out.

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* Patients Individual Results May Vary.
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Hair follicles at the sides and back of the head are usually resistant to DHT and are ideal for transplantation due to their genetic predisposition to not fall out. So Artas i-X® hair restoration uses ground-breaking digital imaging and precision robotics to select the healthiest hair follicles for transplantation and ensures that these follicles are not diminished by DHT. Artas i-X® hair transplant technology’s accuracy also ensures that the hair at the donor site remains thick as the surrounding hair follicles are not touched during the process.


Hair length is important when undergoing Artas i-X® hair restoration. Artas i-X® digital imaging and robotic technology must be able to take accurate readings of hair follicles. So, on the day of the Artas i-X® procedure, the donor hair at the back of the head must be no longer than 1 millimeter. Wearing hair in a short cut is also recommended as it allows the hair restoration doctor to easily and precisely insert the transplanted follicles in their new location at the crown of the head and hairline. To ease the transition from longer hair to the necessary short haircut the day of the procedure, we recommend spacing out pre-procedure haircuts over a period of several weeks. Doing so will make the change to shorter hairstyles feel more comfortable. Additionally, patient’s friends, family and co-workers will be less inclined to notice the transition. Undergoing scheduled haircuts can also ensure that the hair is cut to the desired length by the day of the Artas i-X® Hair Transplant.


Patients should wear comfortable clothes on the day of their Artas i-X® hair restoration procedure; this includes a shirt that buttons or zippers in the front, as well as a loose-fitting hat to wear following treatment. During the hair transplant procedure, a local anesthetic is administered. Patients remain awake and aware throughout treatment and are encouraged to bring a book or music to pass the time. Breaks are provided and patients can eat, stretch their legs or visit the restroom if necessary. Following Artas i-X® Hair Transplant, the hair restoration doctors will provide post-procedure instructions for recovery and home care. These instructions are extremely important and should be followed thoroughly to ensure optimal results. In the weeks following treatment, the transplanted hair follicles will grow at the rate of normal hair. Patients can eventually wash, comb, style, and cut their hair like they would naturally.

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