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As hair restoration technology continues to advance, the difference between a good outcome and a great outcome relies increasingly on the experience, skill, and artistry of the surgeon.

While a procedure may be deemed clinically successful by simply moving the hair from the back of the head to balding and thinning areas, true aesthetic success is only achieved by mastering the artistic aspect of this life transforming procedure.

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FUT Strip | 2550+2720 Grafts | 5270 Total Grafted Units

The Truth About
Black Hair Restoration

Many African Americans suffering from hair-loss don’t think they’re good candidates for a hair transplant procedure because of their hair’s distinct characteristics. This is a long-standing myth. In fact, the curly character of black hair gives African American hair transplant patients a surgical advantage: That “curl” creates the appearance of more density, so it actually takes fewer hair grafts to achieve visible results.

Causes of African American Hair-Loss

Hair loss in African Americans is mostly attributed to the same genetic factors as other ethnic groups, except in cases of hair-loss due to severe or prolonged hairstyling, like weaves and braids. These can cause traction alopecia, but the good news is that it’s one of the most common things our surgeons treat in African American clients.

For black hair restoration, special attention is given when harvesting and dissecting individual follicular units to avoid keloid scarring, which is of particular concern on darker skin. Additional skin testing may be required to assess how well your skin heals.

Excellent results can be achieved with black hair transplants, using either method – FUSS Strip Harvesting or FUE. If you’re African American and trying to figure out what to do about your hair-loss, take the all-important first step and schedule a private consultation with the California Hair MD Team.



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