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At California Hair, MD, Dr. Richard Chaffoo uses his expertise and artistry from plastic surgery, partnered with Dr. Susan Stuart’s premier dermatologic background to create the most comprehensive hair restoration process in the country.  Dr. Stuart and Dr. Chaffoo  are leading authors, educators, lecturers, and researchers in the hair restoration field. Contact California Hair, MD in San Diego today to find out why we are the best in Hair Restoration.

The road to the best results does not include shortcuts.

Dr. Susan Stuart
& Dr. Richard Chaffoo

California's Hair Restoration Dream Team


California Hair, MD, is a leading hair transplant clinic utilizing cutting edge techniques and technology to provide incredible, permanent results that set it apart from the rest.

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Before After hair restoration | California Hair MD | San Diego CA, La Jolla CA, Newport Beach CAhair restoration | California Hair MD | San Diego CA, La Jolla CA, Newport Beach CA
Before After hair replacement | California Hair MD | San Diego CA, La Jolla CA, Newport Beach CAhair transplant | California Hair MD | San Diego CA, La Jolla CA, Newport Beach CA
Before After hair clinic | California Hair MD | San Diego CA, La Jolla CA, Newport Beach CAhair restoration | California Hair MD | San Diego CA, La Jolla CA, Newport Beach CA


California Hair, MD


Artas®  Robotic Hair Transplant is the groundbreaking hair restoration method that stimulates the growth of the patient’s own natural hair follicles. This cutting edge robotic hair restoration technique takes healthy hair follicles from thicker areas of hair and uses them as donors,  transplanting them into areas with thinning hair to encourage thicker, healthier regrowth. 

California Hair, MD is the first and only practice in Orange County and San Diego counties offering the latest robotic device, the Artas i-X.

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San Diego Hair Restoration

Patient safety and satisfaction is our highest priority at California Hair, MD. As such Dr. Chaffoo, Dr. Stuart and our staff conduct all non-invasive and minimally invasive treatments and procedures onsite in one of our comfortable, private procedure rooms. There we leverage the most advanced techniques in our procedures so patients can achieve their desired aesthetic results while maximizing recovery and minimizing risk. With our minimally invasive hair restoration techniques, we use the latest and most sophisticated technology and methods to create beautiful results with little to zero downtime.

NeoGraft Hair Restoration

One of the most innovative hair transplant technologies, NeoGraft® is the first FDA approved automated, minimally invasive hair restoration procedure available. Aspects of traditional hair transplants like scalpels, staples, anesthesia and long recovery times are now being left in the past with the advent of NeoGraft®.

This is the future of hair restoration, all unfolding at California Hair MD in San Diego. 

NeoGraft® combines Follicular Unit Extraction method, or FUE, with automated technology to erase the time disadvantage of the manual operation and improve on the cosmetic disadvantages of the strip method.

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SmartGraft® is an innovative hair restoration technique for regrowing areas of thinning hair. It is a minimally invasive procedure that uses revolutionary technology to encourage hair growth, promoting thicker and healthier hair with less downtime than traditional hair transplant surgeries.

Richard Chaffoo

M.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S.

Voted #1

Hair Surgeon In California

and the only hair restoration clinic in the USA headed by a board-certified dermatologist and triple board-certified plastic surgeon

Dr. Richard Chaffoo and Dr. Susan Stuart co-founded the California Hair Restoration Center. They are the only husband/wife aesthetic team in southern California and the only hair restoration practice in the region directed by a triple board-certified plastic surgeon and board-certified dermatologist.

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Hair Loss Solutions:

Dr. Richard Chaffoo and Dr. Susan Stuart also co-authored The Ultimate Guide to Restoring Your Hairline. In this volume they explain what causes hair loss, the most effective medical treatments, and the latest and most advanced procedures currently available to help with hair loss. Learn about your hair loss treatment options from the experts. This is the first book of its kind written for the general public by both a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon with such extensive experience in their fields.

Susan Stuart


Is your doctor board-certified?

One of the most important questions to ask when finding the right doctor is whether or not they are board certified. We encourage every patient to visit certificationmatters.org to confirm the status of any doctor they are investigating. 

Certificationmatters.org is promoted by the American Board of Medical Specialties

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The American Board of Medical Specialties was established in 1933 and is a non-profit organization in medicine that represents all 24 medical and surgical specialty boards. It represents and oversees your child’s pediatrician certification, your OB/GYN’s certification, your family physician, and internist’s certification, as well as every surgical specialty in the USA. It is the gold standard in medicine!