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Female hair loss is something rarely discussed but is a common problem for women throughout the world. It can be caused by many factors but no matter what is leading to the hair loss, California Hair, MD will help to provide a custom, tailored treatment to help meet your goals. At California Hair, MD we specialize in providing hair restoration to women, ensuring a simple, confidential process and procedure as we address your hair loss. 

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Dr. Susan Stuart
& Dr. Richard Chaffoo

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California Hair, MD

California Hair, MD is the only hair restoration in the USA under the direction of a board-certified dermatologist and triple board-certified plastic surgeon. Patients will experience the most advanced care from our highly trained and experienced staff. Our team has an advanced understanding of the artistry involved to recreate a natural hairline, so you can rest assured knowing the most precise extraction and placement techniques will be applied during your procedure.


California Hair, MD, is a leading hair transplant clinic utilizing cutting edge techniques and technology to provide incredible, permanent results that set it apart from the rest.

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It could be said that traditional methods of hair replacement are primitive in comparison to the advantages NeoGraft® has to offer, and  that sets it apart from all previous hair restoration techniques. Automated FUE eliminates the lengthy procedure which made the manual FUE method so undesirable. Moreover, the strip method with its invasive technique, linear scarring and insufficient results can no longer match the standard of success that NeoGraft® has set for hair restoration.

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Instead of the traditional approach where scalpels remove a strip of graft and the hair follicles would be handled with forceps in order to replant them into the desired treatment areas, in NeoGraft® the follicles are removed using a motorized punch and pneumatic pressure or suction. So each hair follicle is extracted directly from the scalp without disturbing surrounding tissues, nerves or blood vessels.

Once the desired number of follicles are removed, donor hair grafts are then implanted in a way much like FUE but using reverse pneumatic pressure. This “No Touch” technique lowers hair follicle damage rate because they remain moist and robust even while extracted since the NeoGraft® “touch free” system uses a collection canister to house hair follicles, which separates and mists them regularly during extraction and while waiting to be implanted, ensuring that more survive the process.

Crucially, NeoGraft® is nearly pain free and eliminates the need for IV sedation. Patients will be conscious and aware throughout the entire procedure. 

During this procedure the motorized punch ensures that each graft is made uniformly and Dr. Chaffoo is able to control the individual placement of each follicle. This added precision aids in creating a natural-looking curve to the hairline and also avoids the “popcorn” texture that often occurs while using forceps to implant the graft at the treatment location.


ARTAS i-X® Robotic

Though these older hair restoration methods were viable options for some patients, advances in technology have led to minimally invasive hair restoration treatments that can achieve substantial results with less downtime and recovery. Artas i-X® Hair Transplant is a robotic hair restoration treatment that selects only the healthiest hair follicles for transplantation and removes those individual follicles without damaging surrounding hairs. Patients undergoing Artas i-X® Hair Transplant can avoid the lengthy incisions, stitches, and linear scarring associated with past hair restoration techniques.