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Every patient is different and has different goals. Schedule your consultation today and start your eyebrow restoration today. 

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Dr. Susan Stuart
& Dr. Richard Chaffoo

California's Hair Restoration Dream Team

California Hair, MD

The only hair restoration center in the USA under the direction of a board-certified dermatologist and triple board-certified plastic surgeon, California Hair, MD the most advanced care eyebrow restoration

Meet triple board-certified plastic surgeon

Dr. Richard Chaffoo

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Eyebrow hair loss or thinning can have many causes from stress and trauma to physical injury. Dr. Chaffoo and his team understand that eyebrows are a crucial feature on any face, helping to relay emotion shape our most recognizable features. 

During your procedure Dr. Chaffoo will carefully inspect the shape of your brow and face and will craft a natural, custom eyebrow that perfectly compliments your features. 


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